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History without the Boring Bits: A Curious Chronology of the World by Ian Crofton PDF DOWNLOADS TORR

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Author(s): Ian Crofton

Publisher: Quercus Publishing

Category: History

Date: 02.10.2008

Pages: 224

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1847243746

ISBN-13: 9781850000000

Format: epub,mobi

Book Description:

History Without the Boring Bits /by Ian Crofton. Conventional chronologies of world history concentrate on the reigns of kings and queens, the dates of battles and treaties, the publication dates of great books, the completion of famous buildings, the deaths of iconic figures, and the years of major discoveries. But there are other more interesting stories to tell - stories that don t usually get into the history books, but which can nevertheless bring the past vividly and excitingly to life. Imagine a history lesson that spares you the details of such seminal events as the 11th-century papal-imperial conflict, that fails to say much at all about the 1815 Congress of Vienna - and that neglects entirely to mention the world-changing moment that was the 1521 Diet of Worms. I

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